Loving Life at 50+

Embracing aging through Humor & Wellness.

Whether you’ve already reached middle age or you’re approaching it, your age can feel like a cloud of insecurity looming over you.

These are just a few thoughts this cloud can cause, and quite frankly,
they are no one’s favorite! (Quite like real rain clouds).

The problem? Something is lacking for women in our generation.

You may have kids who you love deeply and a career you’re incredibly proud of, yet it still doesn’t feel quite right. Even surrounded by loved ones you can feel alone in your 50s and beyond.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take it from me. After crossing the 50-year-old milestone myself, I’ve learned a few things about how to navigate the challenges it poses. And the good news is, you don’t have to give up fun or great food as you get older – you can actually enjoy it more. All you need is some sisterhood and inspiration.
I’m here to offer both of those things to you in my new book.


Loving Life at 50+!

Hi there, I’m Maria.

I’m a normal middle-aged woman, just like you. I have two beautiful daughters, a husband I love dearly, and I adore cooking (No surprise, I’m Italian).

It’s my philosophy that while we’re not getting younger, we’re getting better.

I truly believe that our best years are ahead of us, not behind us, as long as we learn how to embrace our age with love and a bit of humor. That’s why I decided to write ‘Loving Life At 50+’, to show you how to age in style! This book is the culmination of all my wisdom in and out of the kitchen.

It’s packed full of not just fun recipes, cocktails, and yoga poses, but the lessons I have learned over the years about what matters most.

You’ll Discover

This isn’t about drastically changing your circumstances or searching for the next fad diet to feel whole and happy.

This book is full of real ways you can change your outlook on middle age, enjoy lots of amazing meals, and fall in love with your life again.

Age is just a number after all.

You don’t have to give up being your lighthearted, youthful self. You can stay trendy, classy, and FUN! Let me show you how in ‘Loving Life At 50+’.

Simply click the button below to order your copy today and come explore a new way to be 50.

About the Author

Maria Sabando is a loving mom and wife, chef, yoga aficionado, and slight Italian diva.

She’s a Georgetown University grad who does all the mom stuff you’d expect – volunteering, cooking, cleaning, etc – but she does it all in style, with a magnetic, youthful spirit.

Maria is constantly simmering with new ideas for recipes, life hacks, and ways to squeeze the most out of life.

Now, in her new book, ‘Loving Life At 50+: Embracing Aging through Humour & Wellness’, she’s sharing her wisdom in and out of the kitchen to help women everywhere to make the most of middle age.