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Book Bonuses

Girls Night Out Playlist

Keep moving with my curated Spotify playlist for dancing, whether it be around the house, or out and about.

My Favorite Yoga Routine

Get in flow state with this series of yoga poses you can do anywhere.

Vanilla Strawberry Cupcake Recipe

Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, these mini cupcakes are filled with strawberry jam and are easy to make.

Summer Salad Recipe

This Greek Tuna and Brown Rice salad will soon become a healthy staple and a go-to for any gatherings!

Makeup Tutorial

Learn the ABCs of a basic beauty look so you can feel your best with ease.

Flow Planner PDF

Get organized and inspired with my personal Flow Planner that I use every day.

Extra Bonus: Sneak peek at Maria's Products

Maria shares what she’s working on and why she loves creating items.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take it from me. After crossing the 50-year-old milestone myself, I’ve learned a few things about how to navigate the challenges it poses. And the good news is, you don’t have to give up fun or great food as you get older – you can actually enjoy it more. All you need is some sisterhood and inspiration.
I’m here to offer both of those things to you in my new book.