Spring Break at the Airport

We all have a “nightmare at the airport” story, don’t we? We always wish that our travels will go smoothly, but sometimes the Universe has other plans.

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“A Journey of the Self”: A Conversation with Yoga Teacher, Kelly Santucci

A conversation with Yoga Teacher, Kelly Santucci, about her personal yoga journey and the many benefits yoga has to offer…AT ANY AGE.

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Cooking 45 Recipes in One Week!

I recently cooked 45 recipes (in one week!) for photographs for my upcoming book. Yes, it was grueling, but it was also strangely satisfying!

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Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Don’t know what to make for breakfast? Sometimes the same old toast, fruit, cereal, yogurt, etc. gets so boring.

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Relationships and Communication

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Communication is key”, right? Well, that is the truth when it comes to all the relationships in your life.

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Makeup Hacks

No matter how old we are, we still want to feel beautiful, right? Check out my favorite makeup hacks to help you feel beautiful inside and out.

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