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September is Declutter Month

Summer is coming to an end and before it gets colder (and we find ourselves spending more time at home), it’s time to free up some space and declutter! That’s why I am making September the month of DECLUTTERING.

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Tips for a Healthy, Balanced Life

Living a healthier, balanced life can be tough sometimes. But making small changes to your daily routine can make such a difference to your health!

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Makeup products

Favorite Beauty Hacks

We all have our daily beauty routines and favorite products we just can’t stop using right?

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Different makeup products

Seasonal Makeup

Like the seasons, my makeup colors and shades change. I believe it shows we are connected with the outside world…matching the colors and vibes of the season. How do I do this?

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Spring Break at the Airport

We all have a “nightmare at the airport” story, don’t we? We always wish that our travels will go smoothly, but sometimes the Universe has other plans.

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“A Journey of the Self”: A Conversation with Yoga Teacher, Kelly Santucci

A conversation with Yoga Teacher, Kelly Santucci, about her personal yoga journey and the many benefits yoga has to offer…AT ANY AGE.

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Cooking 45 Recipes in One Week!

I recently cooked 45 recipes (in one week!) for photographs for my upcoming book. Yes, it was grueling, but it was also strangely satisfying!

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Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Don’t know what to make for breakfast? Sometimes the same old toast, fruit, cereal, yogurt, etc. gets so boring.

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Relationships and Communication

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Communication is key”, right? Well, that is the truth when it comes to all the relationships in your life.

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